The ganga holy river of India……

The Ganga is a holy river. it is the most sacred Indian river of India. It is the worshipped by the Hindus day cal it Ganga Mata people believe that a DIP in its holy water will end their sins.. so they go and bath in its Holy river Ganga Rises from the Himalayas near Haridwar Ganga leaves the mountains at Allahabad the Yamuna joins the Ganga.
The Ganga is not only Holy but useful also its begins very much soil with its water it spreads the soil Over the fields.big canals have been dug from the ganga. The canals water the fields. There are many beautiful cities on its banks affairs are held on the bank of the river Ganga..

According to the old religious stories. The king sagar’s sons were free from their Evil Dead when the Ganga touched the asched of their dead bodies. The king bhagiratha pray to Lord Brahma to send the Ganga to the Earth for this.he prayed and fasted. Thus, he gave peace to the departed souls of his forefothers.. Ganga is the longest river of India. Its water is pure. We call her Ganga Mata…

4 thoughts on “The ganga holy river of India……

  1. नदियों
    महान माँ
    उसकी बहन पर
    जहरीले और बदबूदार होते हैं
    हमारे लालच से


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