Good health is very important😊

Hello dear friend you know the good health is really a key to success.. without good health everything is useless for us. If you have a good health. you are a wealthy person. If you have note good health you are very poor. Without good health we cannot work hard aur any work. For good health we follow good rules for health. You should have wake-up early in the morning. Take your breakfast ,lunch or dinner on the fix time. You should have sleep on the fix time. Our happiness depend only Good health so we should keep our body and mind fit we cannot enjoy our life without good health rich person without good health to live with pain and suffering.

a healthy person works hard and enjoy a sound sleep. He does note spend restless Nights he knows no pain and diseases. Success in life depends largely on good health so we should keep our body fit and clean liness, fresh air and regular exercises .smoking is injurious to our health. Drinking is a deadly enemy to our health and efficiency. we should therefore avoid bad habits. We should observe good health. dear friend please follow the good health rule take care😀😀

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