Today the situation of cow is very poor๐Ÿ˜โ˜น๏ธ

Hello dear friends many year ago peoples called the cow Gau Mata. They worshipped her because they believed all Gods and Goddesses live in cow. But today the situation has been changed of cow. All about of cow only saying. Peoples stop keep the cow at their homes. Only 25% peoples keep the cow at your home .he has only keep good quality of cow. Today the cow and cow,calf not valuable for the people .
In the old time in the oxen working in the field. The oxen was very useful for them floating the field loading the articles one place to another. According the time peoples work in their fields with new technique. They stopped use of oxygen in their fields. Peoples don’t like keep the cow at your home because the cow give calf. The calf is not useful for them any work. Show the situation of cow and cow Calf very bad. They walk freely in the field on the road and another palaces. People beat them with a road badly. They eat dirty grass plastic polythene waste garbage and drink dirty water.
Who is the responsible for everything?What is the solution of all things? We call the cow Gau Mata. Why is the condition of cow and cow Calf so bad? Why a cow eat dirty garbage. Who is responsible for everything?
I think we are responsible for everything: shame on you on this. stop it….. To say who is our mother so we call her Gau Mata . how can you miss behave with your mother.
People’s beyond the cow for die in this world because the cow is not useful for them. I am very sad about it.

I am not a social reformer but we are humen. So please be kind full for them. Don’t Be Cruel . I request all social reformer and peoples please have sympathy for them because we call Her Gau Mata .she is our gau mata. We worshipped her as like God in all timJe don’t forget all gods and Goddesses in today.

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