The beggars and the child beggars in India and all world

There are are many problems in this world but I am in problem of poverty. Some people poor without money but some people poor without body part we call them handicapped. They do not work hard. Everybody want money for spend life money for food clothes and home. Really they are poor .I think no they do not work hard 4 wealth. They want wealth without hard work because they know the wealth is more valuable for everybady. In the very old human do not work. The beggar have note property. They have not good food good clothes. They live in a dirty area as like footpath railway station we can see the beggar on the temples and religious palaces. In whose days they beg money foods from the peoples. people take them onecoin 2 more coins money.
But now a days everything has change and begging has become a business. They show their self helpless. They are doing it for their own benefit without hard work. Some beggars use abuse when the people refuse money. You see many baggers when the traffic see a women with a child. She stop the cars for beg money. Women and her child very dirty. I think it is their business .they do not want work. Begging is the easy way for earn money in their think. Their children do not go to school. They walk as like them for begging money. They want sympathy To show their self helpless and poor.

In the modern time peaple use internet ban bagging the modern practice of asking to give money to others vis the internet rather than in person. Beggars differ from religious Mendicants in the some mendicant do not ask for money.

They beg for society with various from off religious service moral education etc. In the modern time we can see different different type beggars as like use of fund moral education for institute for religious etc. Simply e people understand it. it is the easy way earn money.😊😊😊

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