The Indian foods religious and culture

There are 28 states and 8 union territories in india country. All state language are different. The culture of India very different from other country as like that different language dress food . There are many religious in India. The Ganga is holy river of India. It is very long river. The Ganga start from the Gomukh in Rishikesh and joint two rivers Yamuna and Saraswati Indira Allahabad. The saint take bath in Allahabad on MahaKumbh. All world saints come to india for mahakumbh. The culture of India is very different. Peaple believe in God.they get up early in the morning after bath they go to temple mosque Gurudwara etc 4 worship. They worship at their home.

Now we talk about Indian food. Indian food are very spicy and delicious. There are many different different diseases in India all of state. Dhokla famous dish of Gujarat. Rasgulla famous dish of Kolkata. Makkhi ki roti me and sarso sag fAmous dish of punjab.we can eat more dish as like smosa ,jlebi ,chhole bhture,sandesh etc.Milk make all sweets. There are many religious Palace in India as like Ayodhya Haridwar Badrinath Kedarnath Vaishno Devi in Jammu Kashmir Akshardham temple in Delhi Mahakali Mandir in Kolkata Mathura Vrindavan the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Tourist come in India 4 watch the temple. People wear the dress in all time dhoti and kurta and womens wear ghagra choli saree . In modern time people wear dress pant shirt jeans and women’s wear saree sut slwar,jens etc. there are many historical palace in India as like Taj Mahal India Gate,gate of india, the Red Fort, Fort of Jhansi, etc. So the friend india in unique country unique in ireligious culture etc .

Festival of Indian religious also different as like Eid is the most important festival of Muslims. Guru Nanak Jayanti Guru Parv Lodhi lori is the festival of Sikh.Holi ,deepwali ,dshera,durga pooja ect .the most important festival of hindus . We live in india .the india is only one conuntry .It has 4 name as like Aryavart Hindustan Bharat India. Aryavart is the very old name of India.

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