The mass media and the power 💪of media

Hello friend do you know  about the media  in ancient time. There was not many facilities of media ancient time. In India the first news paper print out 29 January 7080 in Kolkata.The comics printout in India 1971 . The newspaper name was the Bengal gadget. In all time there was not many facilities of entertainment for childrens. I remember that time some famous magazine name for children we call them comics as like as Chacha Chaudhary ,nagras, Pinky aur Bulbul krodh shkti ,Vishv HinKanya. The price of this magazine 5 for 10 rupees only. The children read them with excitement because these were very interesting stories…😂🤔

The mass media give us a new life. There are many newspaper print out in India. The famous newspaper names are Hindustan Time week out Indian Express The Hindu The Time of India first India etc.these are english newspaper and the hindi newspaper names Punjab Kesari  ,Dainik Jagran ,Hindustan ,Dainik Bhaskar ,Amar Ujala

Nav Jagran  Sahara shah time etc. This is chief facility for all people. In all time the price of newspaper 1 or 2  or 3 rupees only and in present time also ki facility the price of newspapers 5 or six rupees only it is the best facility in anicient time and present time.👌 we  also read  many magazine. In old time famous magazine Sachi Shiksha, Grihalakshmi , Grh Sobha ,MayApuri,Mdhurkthaye, etc .these are hindi magazine.these are very interesting magazine. Cricket Samrat was famous magazine of cricket and cricketers.

Do you know friends the newspaper and the television the radio rich number of people. The first program telecast at television 15 September 1959. We are talking about the mass media and the media power. Media is very powerful this  time. Media is the best facility of communication. Today by the mass media and the media we watch live telecast for everything. There are many famous news channels in India and other countries and we watched everything live telecast. Media never fear from everybody or everything as like a leder,a Hero and a poor man or reach man. It to work bravely without stop. Mass media referred to a diverse array of media technologies. Digital media comprises both internet and mobile mass cmmunication.

A big contribution of media and mass media in our life. Media and the mass media  .we unknown person from everything. This time media is very powerful the media open everything a person and the country and the world. The journalist of media work for our country world and for us every time without any stop any affair. We  joint with world and the country the main reason is mass media and  media. This time media develope in digital media. We can read everything and watch in our phone📲💻🖥 anytime by ues internet. I am thankful for media and mass media and them people who make it.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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