Change our life by TV

What is the different between old life and the present life .there are so many change in our life  by the tv. TV give us entertainment and fashion.when the tv came in our life human did not know about the TV.when he shaw it . he wonder.How can it  work.there were not many channels in the old time.i think 2 or 3 channels only as like D .D bharti  durdarshan . I remember Metro was a channel. There were not many programs on the TV because the main reason 2 and 3  channels only. The timing of programs fixed. The timing of news was 7 quarter or 8 pm and the second timing 6 or 7.30 in the morning. After news we watched the interesting program Subhash Sawere on Doordarshan. We watched Malgudi, Munshi Premchand stories . We watched the Ramayan. It was a religious program directed by the Ramanand Sagar. The time of Ramayan 7 or 8 p.m. I think. Every Sunday we watched Shri Krishna Leela in the morning. It was a religious program .on sunday we watched Shaktiman in the noon. it was a a very interesting serial. The children don’t miss it. Mister Mukesh Khanna was  the Hero of this serial. Children man learnt many activities from the serials. I remember many programs name rangoli , chitrhar , Alif Laila Chandrakanta give us more entertainment. Alif Laila Chandrakanta the Ramayana was the famous that time. We watched movie Friday and Saturday after 10 p.m. we excited for it. We watched all program without any charge. Whenever any national festival 15 August 26 January  we watched live telecast. We are talking about old time. India present time there are many channels as like as news  entertainments, movies ,discoveries, cartoon ,song channels, religious channels, sports channels any more channels. we can watch them in different different language. A program repeat in the day 3 and 4 times. We can not them channels free. The channels fix your charges. There are many programs in the TV programs and TV. We can watch the TV programs in our smartphone 📲with charge on use internet. The TV and the TV programs changed our life styles we learn more things from them. We can also know about national and international news on our phone📱 and tv . When the TV made it was black and white after sometime it change colour TV and shape change time to time. The TV develop in colour TV flat TV and just time LED LCD.we can also use it with our ph use internet and the LED and LCD change in smart LED. We can use the LED as like computer and laptop. Work on LED with smartness. So that friend the TV or  LED make our like smart and easy. The computer 🖥💻look like a that multimedia and the TV change our life.

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