Where is peace🤔🤔🤔🤔

Today everybody are searching for peace but it is impossible about peace. Some bady have everything as like as money business beautiful houses. Still they search the peace.their mind and heart always confused. They hard work but not sacrifice about it. They always affair their money will be lost or any thief stolen it. And the second part of the lives some person always sad. They have no money a beautiful house .they never collect good food in whole life. They always search for peace. They pass their life in darkness and sadness.when we concentrate first and second part.it is same situation. it’s true that peace in our heart and mind .keep your mind clam and focus your work give up all worries.because all is well and is well. I agree all matters but I am also search the peace.i go to on the bank of river. I hear many sound of the birds .i feel better with them.I see waves of water in the river and the sea.the waves come and go.your life as like as wave.there are many circumstances in the life.it confused us from our success. Fountain up and down as like our life prpblems but never stop and face bravely. Life never end life never die. Enjoy all moment of your life with happiness and don’t blame to god and others for your difficulties. A true peace in your heart don’t search it in the world.

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