An Accident

Time is life so busy. Everybody are running fastly. They have no time for breath. There are many accident in the world. Can you tell me what is the main reason of an acciudent. We know people are busy in in their life. People are careless . They do not follow traffic rules. The drive with high speed and they do not use zebra crossing. People do not use helmet.they also know the helmet to protect them from an accident. Without helmet they face suddenly an accident.they loss their life. When a person die he beyond his family.After his death the life his family so difficult. Many people stand but many people disbalance. They never understand their life more valuable why do they not follow traffic rules ?why………… the government is not responsible for an accident. We are responsible for it because we do not follow the traffic rules all time. We break the rules. We understand the government make the rules for our safety. But follow it. We give bribe officer. When we break the rules so that a officer is responsible an accident. A damaged Road also the reason an accident. The government and the corrupt offices are responsible for it. They use cheap materialsh. Feels their pocket and play with life.i think we all responsible for everything and never understand the value of a life. We face everything but never follow the rules for our safety.

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