Today education

Everybody wants two highest education but what is the full meaning of education. When we start read about everything. We do hard work but today the competition is very complicated. There are many colleges and schools in our country and other country. We can get high education. The governments many facilities available for students. everybody know about these facilities. Education is so easy in this time but the competition is very very difficult and the student do not want hard work. They want a good job and a good salary package. Without hard work and highest number we cannot get good job .we also know. I search a true student.🤔 the Indian University pass out many engineer every year .some gets job just time and some search the job or some pass time with your engineer degree😂.some student always confused😨 they cannot decide their field.😆 they happy with 45 and 49 percent numbers. And some student feel sad with 75 percent and 95 percent. Without knowledge any percent numbers are useless. There are many Institute for coaching. It is so difficult coaching without money for a true student. Some students give up your education . The main reason financial situation is very weak.they can not pay their school or college fee. Sometimes good employees can not get good job . The main reason they have not any that a without talent person get a job.the main problem in india without source job imposible.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣the education and talent useless. A person unemployment. A craft officer and company owner make him unemployment because they have no source and talent . I think government pass out a rule stop any source in government job and private jobs and understand the true education and talents then source. Then everybody follow this rule so that the education will be successful And the Talent exit. I support this rule.

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