A heart💓 and a mind🧠

What is the different between heart and mind. One day my heart and my mind talk to each other. My heart said to my mind that I am pure then u.whenever whenever we feel wrong with you and you feel sad so I am very e sick aur helpless. My pulse up and down in this situation and a human can die. When I stop the wark my dear that also a human cam die. Many stress many problems and sadness make me Sick.that time i can stop my wark.so that the always advise forever person don’t take stress.the mind said to the heart o my god .now plz tell me mind what is you are powerful than me.mind said yes i m powerful than u.u know al world depend upon me u see in the world i do . But i am sensitive but our situation same i can not bear many stress because a human can mad .when ever i stop my wark but he can not die.😅😂

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